1TB Expansion Card for Xbox Series X and S is $220 in online store

The Seagate 1TB Expansion Card for Xbox Series X and S is listed in a major U.S. web store with a $220 price. Microsoft itself has not yet announced the price of the accessory. The external ssd is as fast as the internal.

There were already rumors that the storage expansion would cost $220, the price entry seems to confirm that. According to the webshop, the 1TB Expansion Card will be released on November 10, at the same time as the new Xbox consoles. It’s unclear if that’s true, Microsoft hasn’t offered the card itself with the pre-orders of the consoles. Other accessories could already be ordered.

For now, Seagate’s 1TB Expansion Card is the only way to fully expand xbox series X and S storage. It is an external ssd with a propriĆ«taire connection, which is just as fast as the internal ssd. Whether and when other manufacturers will also come up with ssds for the Xbox consoles is not yet known.

The price of $220 is converted with VAT about 228 euros. That’s not much more expensive than what a loose PCIe 4.0 ssd of 1TB costs. Currently they are in the Pricewatch from about 185 euros. Unlike Microsoft’s Xbox Series consoles, Sony’s PlayStation 5 is expanding to include regular M.2 SSDs, although they must be ones that meet certain requirements. Sony hasn’t given any details about that yet

It is possible to expand the storage of the next-genconsoles more cheaply by connecting an external USB HDD or -ssd. However, that slower extra storage cannot be used for next-gen games. New games need to be put on the internal ssd, or on storage expansion that’s just as fast.