A powerful network: essential for working efficiently from home

Our home is becoming more and more a place to work and learn digitally. But for many, the home network is often too weak for, for example, videoconferencing with colleagues or the WiFi does not reach to your desk. The reason? Well, did you know that underfloor heating can affect your Internet connection? That your hot water pipes can interfere with the WiFi signal? And that ceilings and walls weaken a signal so that the corners of your house sometimes have no reach at all? Not so useful if you want to work from home without any problems. Millions of people have already switched to devolo Powerline technology for this reason. This technology does not interfere with ceilings, walls and water pipes. Powerline uses the power grid and provides an internet signal through every outlet in your home. devolo gives four tips to get the most out of your home network.  

Find the best place for the adapter

You’ll find the best place for your adapter by following some simple steps. Plug the adapter directly into an outlet; do not use a power socket or extension cord. Are you sitting next to each other on the wall? Then this has the same effect as a power socket. In that case, make sure you leave the adjacent sockets free if your Powerline adapters have connection problems. Even better: Use the integrated socket of the devolo adapter for a power socket. That outlet is equipped with interference suppression, so that the Powerline network functions optimally.

Check the connection

Do you use multiple adapters in your home? Then there is a simple trick to check if these are connected to each other. First, put the devices side by side in a power socket. If the two adapters form a network, you can see this from the LED light. In the installation guide you will find information about this light and its flashing behavior. Don’t the devices connect? Most devices have a button to connect (manually). Bonus: By connecting the devices, the Powerline communication is encrypted. This protects the Powerline network from unauthorized access. New Powerline models, such as devolo Magic, go a step further: they are equipped with automatic encryption.

The perfect combination: Powerline backbone with Mesh Wi-Fi

Powerline adapters with Mesh WiFi have several advantages. The router’s WiFi access data can be transferred to the Powerline adapters via WPS. To do this, press the WPS button briefly on the router and the Powerline adapter. This creates a unified WiFi network instead of multiple WiFi access points with different access data. One of the advantages of Mesh features is that they ensure a continuous connection between mobile devices and the strongest devolo-WiFi hotspot. In addition, the devices automatically switch between one access point and the other. This is particularly useful if you walk from one room to another with a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Use recent models and install updates

Are you planning to install a Powerline network for the first time? Then it’s a good idea to invest in the latest generation of devices. This way you are prepared for the future, because the requirements for a strong home network are constantly changing. Make sure you have enough LAN connections on the adapters and that they have an integrated socket, and that the adapters support Mesh WiFi, such as devolo Magic. For a fast, stable WiFi connection throughout your home, install enough adapters. There are also differences in speed. The current fastest devolo Powerline adapter provides a data throughput of 2,400 Mbps. Furthermore, it’s important that you install updates right away so you can take advantage of new features and up-to-date security settings. The latest models can be connected to the Home Network App of devolo for even more user-friendliness. The app can be set up to automatically install all available updates.

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