Apple adds automatic switch between devices to Airpods Pro

Apple has released an update to the Airpods Pro, which allows the earbuds to automatically switch between Apple devices. In addition, the update also includes the promised support for Spatial Audio.

The 3A283 update supports switching between devices when users have installed iOS 14 on iOS devices and macOS Big Sur on Macs, claims Apple Insider. Apple hasn’t posted a changelog of the update, though it has previously promised the features.

When you change automatically, the earphones automatically switch from a Mac to an iPhone if the user listens on the Mac, but receives a phone call on the smartphone. The earphones look at which device is playing audio and switches accordingly. The feature only works between Apple devices.

With Spatial Audio, it becomes possible to make audio sound from somewhere. Using the sensors in the Airpods Pro, the software determines the orientation and adjusts the sound as the user turns its head. The effect should imitate a cinematic experience

The update automatically enters the earbuds. Apple announced the Airpods Pro last year. They cost 280 euros on release, but now they are available for less. Tweakers published a Airpods Pro review.

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