Best Stephen King Books You Must Read

Best Stephen king BooksHere are Top 10 Best Stephen King Books You Must Read

Stephen King is not an unknown name. His latest movie “It” is now the highest-grossing horror movie of all time. Pet Semetary has also hit cinemas in April and It 2 will be premiering on September 6.

So if you are impressed with the portfolio of this great author then here are Top 10 Best Stephen King Books of All Time which you must read.

Top 10 Best Stephen King Books You Must Read

1. Carrie

Carrie follows the story of a teen outcast that’s desperate to fit in, but bullied by her classmates and abused by her mother. It all comes to a violent head when Carries uses some newly discovered powers at the prom. In 1976, Sissy Spacek played the lead in the now classic horror film adaptation. Chloë Grace Moretz portrayed Carrie in a 2013 version.

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2. The Long Walk

Long before The Hunger Games, there was The Long Walk, a dystopian future piece where human beings are treated as pawns in a cruel game. This is the first novel that King ever completed (though Carrie would be the first published), and the ending is still one of the author’s best.

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3. The Shining

When you hear The Shining, do you think of Jack Nicholson’s manic face breaking through a splintered wooden door? ‘Cause we sure do. The iconic scene is from the film adaptation of a novel that follows title character Jack Torrence as he moves his wife and son to the deserted Overlook Hotel in Colorado. After he takes a job as a caretaker, he slowly succumbs to the evils of the hotel, turning on his family in the process.

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4. Different Seasons

Comprised of four novellas, each of these stories represents a respective season but presents its own unique journey. The collection deferred from King’s previous work, in that it was more drama than horror. One title, Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption, inspired the Oscar-nominated movie The Shawshank Redemption, widely considered one of the greatest American films of all time. Another novella, The Body, was adapted into the classic 1986 coming-of-age film, Stand By Me.

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5. Misery

King is always at his best when his stories are personal, and Misery is a perfect example of that. Inspired by his own frustrations as an author feeling imprisoned by the demands of his readers, it tells an unforgettable story of obsession that’s haunting on numerous levels.

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6. Pet Sematary

Premiering in theatres on April 5 (the first film adaptation was released in 1989) Pet Sematary follows Dr. Lois Creed as he moves his family to the seemingly idyllic town of Ludlow, Maine. But the Creeds have moved into a house that’s right by a highway infamous for killing neighbourhood pets, causing the town children to create a cemetery for the animals. But a more sinister graveyard lurks nearby.

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7. It

The second King movie to premiere this year, It 2 hits theatres September 6, starring Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, and Bill Hader. It’s a sequel to the 2017 blockbuster simply known as It, just like the book.

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8. The Green Mile

Turned into a 1999 Oscar-nominated dramatic fantasy film starring Tom Hanks and Michael Clarke Duncan, The Green Mile tells the story of prison guard Paul Edgecombe. He works in the E-block, the cells where men sentenced to the electric chair wait out their sentence. But a new prisoner named John Coffey shakes up all of Paul’s beliefs as he exhibits an impossible power.

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9. 11/22/63

Winner of the 2011 Goodreads Choice Award for Best Science Fiction and the Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Mystery/Thriller, 11/22/63 depicts the story of a time-travelling teacher named Jake Epping. Through his friend’s secret time portal which brings him to 1958, he sets out on a time-travelling quest to do the near-impossible: stop the Kennedy assassination.

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10. The Stand

The Stand is one of the greatest horror fantasy novels of all time. Not only did it introduce the world to King’s most nefarious recurring villain, Randall Flagg, but it presented a vivid portrait of an apocalypse that’s terrifyingly believable. While most of King’s horror novels center around nightmarish scenarios too fantastical to be taken seriously, this one uses the plausible notion of biological warfare to showcase the very real possibility of mankind’s self-made destruction. This novel, written during the Cold War, presents possibilities that were actively on people’s minds—and which still remain relevant today.

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