Blizzard to ban input broadcasting software in World of Warcraft

Blizzard is going to ban the use of input broadcasting software in World of Warcraft. This software is used to mirror certain actions or keystrokes to several other accounts that are in the game at the same time.

Blizzard says that it has taken a closer look at this software and argues that it is increasingly having a negative impact on World of Warcraft, as the software is used to support “botting and automated gameplay.” The use of input broadcasting software becomes a violation in accordance with the custom policy, which Blizzard can act against. Soon, the developer will be handing out alerts to all players who have been determined to use the software. After that, it can be more harshly acted upon in the form of suspending or possibly permanently closing accounts. Blizzard calls on all players to stop using input broadcasting software.

This software is mainly used for a way of playing that is referred to multi-boxing. This term stands for the practice in which a single player manages more accounts at the same time and plays with them. By using different instances of World of Warcraft, a player can play more than one character at once. Through the software, these characters are linked together, as it were, so that they can be controlled with the same input of the mouse and keyboard. For example, this is done too quickly gather all the valuable resources at a certain location with a significant group of characters to make money so quickly. That means that sometimes there’s nothing left for other players, something that’s often moaned.

This practice of multi-boxing has not been banned to date and nothing changes at that point. Only the use of input broadcasting software is curbed, which blizzard probably hopes that the practice of multi-boxing will also become less attractive. The latter is obvious, because without this software, multi-boxing is in fact only possible by manually switching clients and managing them separately from each other. That makes it much more difficult to easily manage different characters and, for example, co-ordinated all the herbs to collect in a certain place.