Cool online business ideas

The rapid development of technology over the past twenty years has created incredible opportunities for remote work and entrepreneurship. Now it’s easier than ever to start an online business.

With so many options, it can be difficult to decide which company is right for you. Here are some great online business ideas that you start today.

Content Marketing Consultant

Content marketing is the future. What is a better business to start online than one that focuses on building businesses online? Content marketing can include everything from blog posts to social media to videos and images.

When you become a content marketing consultant, you help companies to build a content marketingstrategy. You even help them with hiring and selecting a tool to fulfill their strategy, depending on your role with your customers.

To start this business, you need some proven marketing knowledge. Start by learning all you about content marketing and approaching a few small businesses to offer your services for free in exchange for testimonials and case studies.

Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual Assistant is an easy-to-start business and one of the most versatile options. As a virtual assistant you meet your business offerings to the skills and expertise you already have. For example, if your work history includes accounting experience, you provide everything from Business Management Services for accountants to elementary accounting for other companies.

Virtual assistants can cover everything from Social Media management to drafting email marketing series. The value of a virtual assistant is that they process the busy work that has low value, but that is needed to run a business. Instead of investing in a full-time employee, business owners can pay a few hours of your time per week. You fill in your schedule as you wish and start your journey to entrepreneurship.


One of the most important components of content marketing is producing great content that speaks to the target audience. Unfortunately, for many entrepreneurs, they lack the time to create content or bother to translate their expertise into writing.

As a Ghostwriter you translate your client’s thoughts into writing. This may include Scriptwriting, transcribing podcasts, creating blog posts from bullet points, or conducting interviews to write books. Being a Ghostwriter is a profitable company that opens doors to work anywhere in the world.

Online Bundle Curation and Sales

It takes a lot of time and money to create content, reach your audience, and ultimately turn these efforts into Sales. With so many bloggers and online companies to choose from, it can join the Fray seem overwhelming.

The best way to ban that work is through online Bundle curation and Sales. You talk to your audience using the content you’ve compiled through partnerships with other online businesses. For example, if you are in contact with 100 Food bloggers and let them add their opt-in or lead Magnet to your bundle. You market and sell this bundle at a very reasonable price, focused on high-volume sales.

In return, the bloggers participating in the bundle grow their sales list and generate new leads. In addition, you can offer an affiliate program that gives them a kickback to share with their audience.


A Drop Shipping company is an online retail service in which you leave the overhead costs of inventory management, storage and logistics to someone else.

For a Drop-Shipping company to work, you work with other companies and display their products on an ecommerce site that you manage. The products are marked to include your profit margin. When someone places an order, the supplier fulfills them. As the drop Shipper, you never deal with the product itself and focus more on product curation and marketing.

There are plenty of great online companies that you could start today, for a minimal investment. Find one that fits your skills and work to have the freedom and flexible income you’ve always dreamed of.

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