EA won’t release Apex Legends for Nintendo Switch until next year

EA will not release battle-royale game Apex Legends for the Nintendo Switch until next year, delaying its release for several months. The team working on the release needs more time to port the game.

That the publisher says in an update on his website. More time is needed to complete the port of Apex Legends for the Nintendo Switch, after the team working on the development has been caught up. That’s why the game won’t be released for the Switch until next year, but a precise release date isn’t yet available.

Avantly, EA initially planned to release the battle-royale game for the Nintendo Switch in the fall, the company announced in June. Then the publisher also announced that crossplay will be possible, allowing users of the Switch to play along with other platforms.

The planned release on Steam will go ahead: according to EA, the release date has been set for November 4. Those who previously played at Origin can take the progression in the game to steam release.