Fortnite gets performance mode that makes game run smoother on older hardware

Epic Games introduces a performance mode that makes Fortnite run more smoothly on older hardware. The feature will be available December 15 as an alpha version for the battle royale and creative modes of the PC version the game.

The new performance mode trades Epic Games graphics quality for reduced memory consumption and reduced CPU and GPU charge. This should make the game run better on older hardware. However, the developer reports that the game will falter less when installed on an SSD or have at least 6GB of memory at its disposal. The game would also run on a processor’s integrated GPU, but a loose gpu could “make for a smoother experience” according to Epic Games.

The developer publishes two benchmarks of its new performance mode. For example, the company displays a laptop with Intel Core i5-8265U quadcore, 8GB of memory and integrated Intel UHD Graphics 620 GPU. Without a performance mode, that laptop would average 24fps at a resolution of 1270×720 pixels. Mét performance mode would increase the frame rate to 61fps. A laptop with AMD A10-5745M with integrated GPU and 6GB of memory achieves 18fps without performance mode and 45fps in those same settings when enabled.

With the new feature, users can also choose to remove high-resolution textures from their installation. That gives about 14.5GB of storage, reducing the total file size of the game to about 17.3GB. The performance mode will be available as an alpha version on Tuesday, December 15. For now, the mode is only available for the game’s Battle Royale and Creative modes. It is unclear if and when performance mode will be available for other game modes.