Google’s Night Sight Launched for Pixel Phones – Download APK Here

Google Night Sight apk download

A few days ago, Google showed us an incredible camera software feature called the “Night Sight” which enabled Pixel phones to capture incredible looking photos very under low lighting conditions. The feature was not officially launched at that time but the modders at XDA-developers came up with a modded apk of the Google camera that gave tech enthusiasts an early taste of this feature. Today, Google has officially launched the Night Sight and it will be available for all Pixel Phones in coming days.

Google Night Sight

Left: iPhone XS (full resolution image here). Right: Pixel 3 Night Sight (full resolution image here).

Although, this feature is coming to old Pixel phones as well, don’t expect the same image quality as you would find on the latest Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. The original Pixel phones don’t even have the optical image stabilization which can hinder the end result. But still, those phones will be able to capture better-looking photos than any of the competition. Also, it’s worth mentioning here that the Night Sight effect is applied after you have taken the photo which means that you won’t be able to see the effect on the viewfinder while taking the photo.

Google will be rolling out Night Sight very soon through the official camera app but if you want to try the feature early, you can download the updated Google Camera APK early here. Also if you want to learn in detail how the Night sight feature works, you can head over to official Google Blog post about this feature.

Download: Google Camera APK [Updated] | Google Camera APK [Google Play]

Source: Google Blog


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