PTA Mobile Verification and How to Register Mobile in PTA

Here is how you can check PTA DIRBS verification status of your phone and how to register mobile in PTA.

In October 2018, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) announced that those people who are using imported phones will have to register them with PTA or else their phone’s cellular capability will stop functioning in Pakistan. The deadline was October 20.

But phone business owners and consumers insisted that the deadline should be extended and following that, a new deadline was announced and was set to December 1st.

Public Notice: All mobile devices including non-compliant (having SIM/IMEI functionality) active on Pakistani mobile networks till 1st December, will remain operational without service interruption. Non-compliant mobile devices will be paired with user’s mobile number.

Now if you are using an imported phone then you may want to register it with PTA before the deadline in order for your phone to function properly. Follow the below guide to register your mobile in PTA.

How to Register Mobile in PTA

Check Status

PTA introduced a service called DIRBS check that allowed consumers to check whether their smartphone is PTA verified or not. There are three methods which help you use this service.

Through PTA DIRBS Website

Consumers can visit PTA DIRBS Website and enter their IMEI# number in the provided box. To find your mobile IMEI# number, dial *#06# on your device.

How to Register Mobile in PTAThrough PTA DIRBS App

Download the PTA DIRBS app on your Android phone and enter your IMEI there to check the status of your device.

Through SMS

Send your device IMEI# to 8484 and get the verification status of your device.

Register Phone with PTA

If your phone is not yet registered with PTA, make a call or send an SMS with your phone to anyone and your phone will be automatically registered.

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Make sure to do the above step before 31st December or else you have to manually register it by filling forms and paying customs duties and tax.

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