HP announces new orders of VR glasses To deliver Reverb G2 only in December

HP says it will be able to deliver existing orders for the Reverb G2 VR headset starting in early November and deliver new orders a month later. According to HP, that late delivery is due to high demand

Not everyone who has already pre-ordered the VR headset will receive it in early November. HP reports in an update on the Reverb G2 that the company bases the priority of delivery on the date and time of order. Because of the high demand, according to HP, the company can only deliver pre-orders placed from September 24 through its partners.

Some Dutch suppliers have now changed their delivery plans. For example, HP’s partner that the delivery will take place on November 12. UnboundVR still mentions the old delivery time of late October at the time of writing. Officially, hp spoke at the announcement of the Reverb G2 only of an availability in the fall. When the pre-orders could be placed, as of July, partners called a September release date.

HP has since made some changes to the glasses, which would also be the cause of the later delivery. For example, the company has given the Fresnellenzen an update to reduce reflections of the rings and increase brightness. Menu buttons on the controllers have also been modified to help users better distinguish between the Windows buttons and the menu.

The designers would also have improved the lowpersistence mode for reducing motion blur, without having to reduce brightness. This has the disadvantage that the headset needs more power and the adapter has to stay in an outlet. Finally, HP delivers a USB-C-to-USB-A adapter.

The headset has 2160×2160 pixel resolution LCDs, the same speakers as the Valve Index, and works with the Windows Mixed Reality platform and steamVR. HP has integrated four cameras into the headset for inside-out tracking of the included Bluetooth controllers. The price is 699 euros.