Microsoft to stop AR game Minecraft Earth on June 30 due to coronavirus

Microsoft will stop developing and supporting AR game Minecraft Earth on June 30, which will prevent the game from being playable from then on. Because of the coronavirus, people are limited in their movements and play together, which Microsoft says is reason to stop.

Afer the game is no longer playable and downloadable, developer Mojang will delete all Minecraft Earth data on July 1. Data around the Character Creator and Minecoins is preserved, writes Mojang. Earth players who still have ruby in game money they paid for will get Minecoins in return. With these Minecoins, players can buy things like skins and texture packs in the Minecraft Marketplace. If you’ve ever bought anything in Minecraft Earth, you’ll get the Minecraft Bedrock version for free.

Mojang is also releasing a final update to Minecraft Earth today. With this update, it will no longer be possible to purchase ingame money and things that can be purchased with rubies will become cheaper. In addition, the developer brings all finished, previously unreleased content to the game and gives all players who log in character creator items between today and June 30. Finally, crafting and melting will soon be accelerated and existing crafting and smelting boosts will be replaced with similar radius boosts.

The team that was still working on Minecraft Earth will be transferred to other projects, according to Mojang. Microsoft announced the game in May 2019. Minecraft Earth is an AR version of Minecraft, where players with an Android or iOS smartphone could place their Minecraft structures in the real world. In addition, players can also see the constructions of other gamers. Players can also breed mobs in the free game, create new variants and fight with them. Minecraft Earth was since November 2019 in Belgium and The Netherlands to play.