Netflix Error UI-800-3

Netflix error code UI-800-3 jumps out if you have a problem with your Netflix application on your device or if the data stored by your application might have been corrupted by a malicious software.

Solutions For Netflix Error Code UI-800-3

Restart Your Streaming Device

It is the simplest method you use to fix this error. In case it doesn’t work, there are other complicated methods available that you use. Shut down your streaming device and disconnect your streaming device and television from the power source for one minute. Then reconnect them again. Turn on your TV and make sure it is working properly.

Sign Out Of Your Netflix Application.

In some cases, just log out and then log back in is enough to refresh your data and also erase the Netflix error code UI-800-3. Navigate to In Settings, click Log Off all devices. Click Sign Out.

Reset Your Netflix Settings

Some devices do not have an option to log out. Instead, you can refresh/reset your Netflix settings so that your data can be refreshed, and then you sign in again. With a PS4, you can refresh your settings.  This may erase the Netflix error code UI-800-3.

Clear The Netflix Application Data

With some devices such as smartphones and tablets, you can erase your locally stored data or also clear the cache of your Netflix application without deleting the application. It’s a quick process, so it’s advisable to try it before you uninstall it.\n” +
‘On an Android phone, select settings and then apply. In the new page, select managed installed applications, and then select Netflix Application. To clear the cache, select Clear data, and then clear data and finally clear cache.

Reinstall Netflix.

In the event that the application does not allow you to clear the cache or delete your local data, you must actually uninstall and reinstall the application. Also, if clearing the cache does not resolve the error, then this is an effective method to use

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