Rainbox Six Siege launches for Android via Xbox Game Pass cloud feature

Rainbox Six Siege will be available for Android as part of the Cloud Gaming feature of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. The game will also be available to Xbox One console owners who have a regular Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Microsoft says that Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege will become part of the Xbox Game Pass for consoles starting Thursday, and from that date the game will also be available to owners of Android devices who have purchased the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. The shooting game does not appear to be available for the PC version of the Game Pass subscription for the time being, as Microsoft deliberately mentions consoles and says nothing about the PC subscription.

More than a month ago, Microsoft showed a list of 150 games that can be streamed to Android devices with the Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Rainbow Six Siege wasn’t there at the time. Most games must be played with a controller, for example by connecting an Xbox controller via Bluetooth to an Android smartphone. This cloud gaming capability is only open to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers; this subscription costs 13 euros per month. This cloud service for games was previously available through a closed b├Ęta, which was then called Project xCloud.