Razer introduces wireless mouse, keyboard and headset for gamers

Razer introduces the Deathadder V2 pro, BlackWidow V3 Pro and BlackShark V2 Pro. These are a wireless mouse, keyboard and headset, respectively. The products will be available as of this week.

The Deathadder V2 Pro is a wireless variant of the Deathadder V2. The manufacturer does not disclose the battery capacity, but according to Razer, the mouse lasts up to 70 hours when the Razer HyperSpeed technology is used. According to the manufacturer, in Bluetooth mode, the battery life is up to 120 hours. The mouse weighs 88 grams and costs 150 euros.

The mouse features a Razer Focus+ sensor, which the company created in collaboration with Pixart. The sensor has a sensitivity of 20,000 dpi and supports accelerations up to 50G. The current, wired Deathadder V2 also features that sensor. Like the regular Deathadder V2, the new Deathadder model features optical switches that can last up to 70 million mouse clicks. Razer doesn’t specify which connector the mouse has, but Razer’s wireless Viper Ultimate has a Micro-USB connection. The mouse can also be charged with a dock, which is sold separately.

The BlackWidow V3 Pro is a wireless mechanical keyboard, with Razer’s own yellow and green switches, which have a linear and tactile keystroke, respectively. The company supplies abs keycaps and a wrist rest. The keyboard uses Razer’s HyperSpeed technology, although Bluetooth is also supported. The BlackWidow V3 Pro features four media keys and a pivot key that can be used, for example, to adjust the volume or screen brightness.

Razer speaks for the keyboard from a battery life to ‘200 hours’, when the rgb LEDs are turned off. Presumably this is when using a Bluetooth connection. The keyboard is charged via a USB-C cable and can also be used wired. The BlackWidow V3 Pro costs 250 euros.

The Razer BlackShark V2 Pro is a wireless variant of the current BlackShark V2 headset and will cost 200 euros. The Pro variant features the same 50mm drivers. Razer also speaks of a microphone with a supercardioidpolar pattern. The battery of the Pro model lasts up to 24 hours and the headset’s wireless range is 12 meters, the company claims. The BlackShark V2 Pro weighs 320 grams. The headset is charged with a cable.

The headset is compatible with PC, Mac and PlayStation 4. The Nintendo Switch is also mentioned, but that console does not support wireless headsets by default. The headset comes with a 3.5mm cable and is therefore also wired usable.