Rotterdam VR studio Vertigo Games is taken over by Koch Media

Rotterdam-based VR game studio Vertigo Games is being acquired by Koch Media. The Dutch company continues to operate without modifications as part of the German-Austrian media company, which in turn falls under Embracer Group.

Vertigo Games and Koch Media in a joint press release that the acquisition covers all segments of Vertigo Games, including intellectual property rights. There will be no changes to Vertigo’s current management team. The studio will act as an independent content provider and publisher label for Koch Media. Both parties signed an agreement on Wednesday that would give Koch Media 100 percent of the shares. The two companies have not said how much money is involved in the acquisition

Screenshots from the unreleased vr game After the Fall.

The developer and publisher Vertigo Games has focused exclusively on VR games since 2013 and has a location in Los Angeles in addition to a branch in Rotterdam. The company is best known for the VR zombie shooter Arizona Sunshine. This game was released on Steam at the end of 2016, released for the PlayStation VR platform in June 2017 and came late last year available for the Oculus Quest. An expansion has also been released for Arizona Sunshine, called The Damned. Vertigo Games will release this or next year’s VR-fps game After the Fall, which will see up to four players in co-op survive together on the ice-covered ruïnes of a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles.

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