RuneScape’s powerful new skill Archaeology available

The first major update to RuneScape in 2020 reveals secrets from the past and provides more information about long-awaited dungeon

Jagex has launched the new skill Archaeology in RuneScape. This powerful new skill offers a huge addition to the game thanks to the introduction of complicated gameplay and the beginning of an epic new storyline that focuses on survival. Players travel through five huge new locations to unearth mysteries that reveal secrets about Gielinor’s rich history. With the launch of the new skill comes more information about the long-awaited Elder God Wars Dungeon (scheduled for later this year), which will once again be the titans who created the world.

Archaeology is the 28th and most powerful skill in runescape’s 19-year history. Skills are one of the most important features in RuneScape and bring a new way to make your character stronger. Archaeology is available to free-to-play players up to level 20, giving them plenty of opportunities to discover the first dig. Players can excavate and recover artifacts using their collecting talents, while the discovery of ancient relics will unlock powerful benefits. As players explore the huge digs, they will also discover old training methods for new powers: Ancient Summoning and Ancient Invention.

The first dig at which players encounter is Kharid-Et. This one is below the sand and close to The City of Al Kharid. This fortress, built by the followers of the powerful god Zaros, was considered lost after the God Wars. Hidden in the depths, however, are lost weapons and ancient magic

Other locations are:

Archaeology has a level cap of 120 for RuneScape members. There will be a six-month period when players will not be able to use bonus XP, XP lamps or other boosts to train this skill. The battle for the highly sought-after Completion Capes is about to begin!

Avering is also an elite skilling outfit available for Archaeology. This gives players promising benefits such as an increased success rate in excavating, infinite teleportations to excavation sites and more. Also there is a cute new pet, Archie the children’s mummy!

Archaeology is much more than a simple skill thanks to the new materials, new buffs, amazing rewards and epic new locations. Players can discover huge mysteries, and by fully mastering the Archaeology skill, they gain powers that have significant benefits in the emerging Elder God War Dungeon, which comes out later this year.

Ryan Ward, Executive Producer at RuneScape:”Archaeology is the most powerful and promising skill to come to RuneScape. It has been in development for 18 months and made with love by the team. The reaction to our announcement at RuneFest last year has been well received. We are all very excited to see players discover the secrets of the forgotten past and to have the powers they need to fight in The Elder Gods later in 2020.”

Archaeology is the latest update after multiple releases in which players were able to discover Gielinor’s ancient past. After the released a Land Out of Time last year, Archaeology is now the next step towards disclosing a number of disturbing developments.

The war is coming, so dig deep!

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