Star Wars Battlefront II has been claimed 19 million times at Action Epic Games Store

EA reports that more than 19 million players claimed Star Wars Battlefront II in the week that the game was free in the Epic Games Store. It’s the first time a major publisher has provided details of numbers in an Epic.

Star Wars Battlefront II was free to claim in the Epic Games Store from January 15-21, and EA reports more than 19 million people have done so. It is not known how many of those people actually downloaded and played the game. The free games in the Epic Games Store can be claimed in a certain period of time and are then permanently added to users’ library.

The giveaway has allowed more players to be active online in Star Wars Battlefront II. On the first day of the action, the influx caused problems, causing players to see error messages. EA solved that by scaling up the server capacity. The game came out in 2017 and didn’t do as well as EA expected. The publisher thought it could deliver eight million copies in the first quarter after its release, but that was about a million fewer. There was a lot of controversy around microtransactions in the game.

In the Epic Games Store, weekly games are given away, but generally it is unknown how often those free games are claimed. Some publishers and developers do provide details about this. Previously revealed that Remnant: From The Ashes more than 10 million times claimed in a giveaway last year. Football Manager 2020 was claimed a million times in three days. Sega’s strategy game A Total War Saga: Troy was downloaded 7.5 million times from the Epic Games Store in the first 24 hours after its release. In that short period the game was free, after which the game cost 50 euros.

Epic Games previously showed in an infographic that a total of 200 million copies of free games had been claimed in 2019. In that year, 73 million games were given away. The biggest giveaway to date is probably that of Grand Theft Auto V. In May 2020, that game was free to claim in the Epic Games Store and that caused big crowds and outages in the download store. Figures on that giveaway were never disclosed. In June last year, Epic said its gaming platform has 61 million monthly active users.