Ten steps to improve on Cyber Security in 2019

10 Steps to Improve Cyber Security in 2019

Everything, anytime, anywhere. This has become the basic mantra of every business. And, it can be fulfilled by only one thing, ie, Internet because it touches every aspect of life very easily. The more it gets stretched, the more it is exposed to risks. It means an increase in the number of cyber-attacks, which affect both individuals and the business world.

According to a survey, an increase of 36% has been found in cyber crimes over the past two years. That is why every organization tries to improve its cyber security, but the prospect can sometimes be overwhelming. Not only stepped measures, but also simple ways can keep your IT department safe in the coming years. Here are a few among them. But before that, let’s take a quick check through the stats.

Cyber Security attacks and threats will not end soon. So, to date, if you have yet to step toward it, then now is the time you should. According to a final study, it has been found that Ransomware attacks was doubled from 13% to 27% from 2016 to 2017.

Another research has shown that could be toward the end of 2020 Ransomware is expected to attack most of the company all over the world and would damage about $15 billion.

What should you do now?

Cyber Security is really like a relationship of Tom and Jerry. You call your business as Jerry and Tom as a cyber criminal. Both want to stay ahead of each other. However, in the case of Cyber Security, Jerry is not mad or stupid, rather he is patient and strategic. So, the question is that what should you do to win the fight?

Here are a few easy and efficient ways:

Train Your Employees

Your personnel accounts are the most sensitive part of the organization. Cyber criminals are targeting them the most. It is therefore very important to train the staff very well to overcome or prevent such thefts. Employees are like your company’s human firewall and training them is the simplest and best way to boost your security department. You need to familiarize them with the techniques that hackers use these days. Training them will surely help you improve your Cyber Security.

Enforce Password Law

Strong password is the very first step towards security against cyber attacks. Changing it regularly will almost keep you out of the reach of hackers. But, it has been found that most of the employees of each organization do not bother to change their passwords time-to-time. So, enforce password rule in your office. Make password updates mandatory and learn how to generate a strong password.

Invest In Your Assets

Cyber criminals continue to look for various vulnerable default settings, such as loopholes in firewalls, routers, and switches. They do this to penetrate the defenses. Such flaws help them in gaining access to the network, diverting traffic to a particular network, and intercepting the information. Make your external hardware very accurately configured and if they are more than 5 years old, then it’s time to replace them.

Back Up Your Data

Backing up your data is not directly linked to Cyber Security, but it can help you recover your data faster if Cyber theft has occurred. Storing multiple store points and recovering ups after every 14 days may prevent the risk of data loss.

Delete Expired Browser Certificates

Get rid of all expired data and browser certificates. Enable your users and customers to receive notifications because it will limit them from surfing the next thing that inevitably arrives on their screen. To do this, you need an effective management system that can manage such work.

Do Regular Meetings

If you’re a member of your company’s security system, you’ll need to collaborate with other employees in your organization on a regular basis. It will help your colleagues to know your concerns. You make them aware of the security needs of the organization. In addition, you discuss and implement new and better strategies.

Implement VPN for All Connection

Network that is only protected by generic security measures are more likely to get infected by cyber attacks. Cyber criminals Find them easier to target. Good for that, you use Virtual Private Networks (VPN). Deploying VPN connection between office locations and mobile employees makes the work simple. Make it compulsory.

Implement live Threat Detection

Now a day anti-virus software has become essential in any organization. Although anti-viruses are very useful in catching cyber threats, sometimes not to catch all threats. So, it’s better to consider anti-virus based behavior. It uses Deep Learning algorithms and modules, so it can detect and remedy the threats or malicious behavior by gathering them with regular process.

Remove Unused Services

There are number of applications and services that run out after a certain period of time and employers are unaware of them. This can help hackers a lot, as they act as loopholes for your system security. So, when such software or services expire, then delete that specific application and the user credentials associated with it as well.

Conduct Security Assessments Regularly

Last, but not the least, performing regular safety assessment is useful. It ensures that all defects and loopholes within the Organization are worked or not. There are several types of security ratings that you can perform within your office environment, such as Security Gap Assessment, perimeter edge Assessment, penetration testing, and much more.

With advances in technology, cyber threats will continue to increase with the passage of time. So, it is very necessary to keep your security system protected. Implementing these 10 steps will certainly help you become proactive and safe from Cyber hackers.


The Internet is the most important tool to make your employees work anytime and anywhere &, but at the same time it is very necessary to ensure that your connections are safe.

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