Ubisoft: Hyper Scape has not lived up to expectations and is too difficult

Ubisoft is going to kick off its battle royale game Hyper Scape. The game is three months out, but has not lived up to expectations according to the publisher. The game would be too difficult, especially on consoles,

According to Ubisoft, the PC’s beta release was successful in July, but failed to live up to its own high expectations when it was released in Full in August, when the game also came out for consoles. Also, the publisher admits that many players’ expectations have not been met.

The goal was that Hyper Scape would have a high skill ceiling, but according to Ubisoft, data shows that the game is too difficult for new players. Especially on consoles, it is too difficult for them to aim and harm opponents. Also, the game does not offer enough opportunities to learn things. Ubisoft wants to add training activities to improve that.

Crown Rush, Hyper Space’s main game mode, is very ruthless, according to Ubisoft. That’s why Ubisoft wants to offer more game variants with different activities. For starters, a respawn system is created and deathmatch-like game modes are created. Ubisoft will also “consider the distribution of the player base” needed to support multiple modes at the same time.

Ubisoft indicates that there are not enough goals for players to keep playing the game for a longer period of time. In season 2, therefore, a ranking system is added and according to the creators there will be more forms of progression. Furthermore, Ubisoft wants to add crossplay as soon as possible, to address current problems with lobby sizes.

How many players the game has is not known. Ubisoft does not provide details. Ubisoft’s goal was to compete with Hyper Scape with popular battle royale games such as Apex Legends, PUBG, Fortnite and Warzone, which have millions of active players.

To make the improvements, Ubisoft is kicking up the Hyper Scape development team. This will work in a cell-based format, making it possible to make more frequent updates. According to Ubisoft, the same method was used in the transformation of Rainbow Six: Siege. That game has grown in popularity years after its release due to the many modifications.