Website selling GTA Online cheats stops after ‘talks with Take-Two’

LunaCheats, a website that sells GTA Online cheats, has reportedly stopped distributing and maintaining its cheats immediately. The creators’ site says this was done after discussions with publisher Take-Two Interactive.

According to the notification on the LunaCheats website, the creators are going to give their earnings to charity, which has been chosen by Take-Two. It can be seen from the wording that the creators have reached a settlement with the publisher. Allegedly threatened Take-Two with legal action

LunaCheats gave players access to a menu for a fee that allowed them to access a kind of god mode in the PC version of GTA Online, in which all kinds of parameters can be adjusted. Cheaters are therefore inviolable and can burden other players by blowing them up or launching their vehicles. Also, players with the cheats can crash servers by spawning hundreds of cars.

The PC version of GTA Online has been plagued by cheaters for years. According to Eurogamer that issue has increased after the game was temporarily available for free in the Epic Games Store.