What Is “Bird Box Challenge” and Why You Should Not Attempt It

the bird box challenge

The whole internet is going crazy over the Bird Box challenge after Netflix aired the Bird Box movie featuring Sandra Bullock.

People are showing much love to the Netflix’s latest release, The Bird Box featuring Sandra Bullock in the lead role. According to Netflix, the film has been watched by over 45 million accounts.

That’s not the end. Many people are now attempting the “Bird Box Challenge” putting their and other lives in danger. Seeing this, Netflix has even issued a warning not to attempt this challenge.

Bird Box film is about a family who is trying to hide from a mysterious monster by blindfolding themselves. If you see, you get killed. Before the Bird Box challenge, social media was stormed with memes of the film but people had to take it to the next level by mimicking the same behavior as seen in the film.

If you have seen the movie, you will probably know what the challenge will be. The Bird Box Challenge consists of people blindfolding themselves and then attempting their everyday tasks. People are even seen walking on the streets blindfolded.

Seeing the insanity of this, Netflix officially issued a warning asking people not to attempt this challenge. They said to people in a tweet that “PLEASE DO NOT HURT YOURSELVES WITH THIS BIRD BOX CHALLENGE”

Some more people attempting this challenge.

It goes without saying that this challenge should not be attempted for fun. Be safe and keep your friends and family safe.

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