Xbox Game Pass members can install some games prior to addition

Microsoft has released a new update to the Xbox Series X and S and Xbox One, which will allow Xbox Game Pass subscribers, among others, to pre-install certain games that will be added to the service at short notice.

Microsoft makes it clear that it’s not a feature that works for all games added to the Game Pass in the short term. It is not clear on what basis this selection is made. Installing the games in advance can be done both from the interface on the console and from the Game Pass mobile app. Installing the upcoming games does not mean that they can be played immediately; This can only be done from the moment the games are actually part of the service.

A.M., microsoft adds a symbol to its user interface with the update to make it clear when players are playing games on Xbox Series X and S that have the Auto HDR feature enabled. This feature, which adds high dynamic range from the console to games that don’t support it themselves, already worked, but it wasn’t always clear if it was turned on. To address that, an Auto HDR label is now visible when players in a game press the Xbox button on their controller and end up in the user interface.

Verder, Microsoft has added dynamic backgrounds with the update, and it has since become clear that developer Remedy’s game Control will be available from Thursday as part of the Game Pass for consoles and Android. In addition, Doom Eternal will also be available for the PC on the same day. This shooter has long been part of the Game Pass for consoles. A next-gen update for Control is being worked on, but it won’t be available until next year, as part of the Ultimate Edition. It will probably be possible to play the game at 60fps and the next-gen version will probably also get support for raytracing, just like on the pc.