Xbox One X games perform up to twice as well on Xbox Series X

Several websites have posted hands-on experiences with the Xbox Series X. Only tests with existing games are shown through backward compatbility. With games that run with difficulty on Xbox One X, there are big differences.

Under Eurogamer and The Verge tested backward compatibility with the Xbox Series X. That’s done with a prototype console, which is probably almost identical to the one that comes out next month

The Xbox Series X can run current Xbox games and uses the extra gpu computing power, for example, to achieve higher frame rates. For games that have dynamic resolution, the next-gen console holds the maximum resolution longer. The console can’t increase a game’s resolution or frame rate, developers need to customize the game to do so. For example, if a game on Xbox One X has a dynamic resolution of 4k, with a 30fps frame rate target, it’s the same on the Series X.

The next-gen console is able to run games that don’t run smoothly on the One X due to the extra CPU and GPU computing power. Eurogamer shows this clearly in videos of Hitman and Hitman 2. That game runs in 4k on the Xbox One X, but the frame rate is often between 30 and 40fps, while the Series X almost always reaches 60fps. With such demanding games, there are big differences.

Microsoft confirms to Eurogamer that the Xbox Series X GPU runs in compatibility mode when playing Xbox games. In addition, the new features and improvements of the RDNA 2 architecture are not available. So compatibility mode performance doesn’t say everything about the full capabilities of the GPU.

If games are running smoothly on the regular Xbox, or don’t have a demanding 4k mode, then playing on Xbox Series X doesn’t offer great added value and is waiting for a possible patch that adds options for higher resolutions and frame rates.

Microsoft previously said that ‘selected’ games will also have the ability to double the frame rate. Games that now have a target of 30fps or 60fps could run at 60fps or 120fps on the Series X. No tests have been released yet. There aren’t any games that have been adapted for this,

Wele, the Auto HDR function is already active. The Xbox Series X provides such effects via algorithms. According to Eurogamer, this works well in practice, but is disabled in some games. Microsoft will turn off the feature if it is found to have undesirable effects.

Also The Verge has posted a video and focuses a lot on the loading times. Thanks to the fast NVMe ssd in the Xbox Series X, games load significantly faster on the next genconsoles, although the difference is not the same for all titles. The promise is that next-gen games will load faster, because they are specifically designed for the console and can make full use of what Microsoft calls the Velocity Architecture.