Xiaomi Embarrassed Itself in its UK Launch


Xiaomi is India’s #1 selling smartphone brand and now the company has set its foot in the UK  last week. Xiaomi offers one of the absolute best android phones at a very affordable price and this is one of the main reason for the company’s success.

Xiaomi is very famous for its flash sales in India. The company did the same move in its UK launch but was caught in the act. As a launch deal, the company offered two phones for only £1. Yes! only £1. It was not mentioned in the press release about which models were included in this offer and how many phones were put in stock.

Naturally, everyone would be interested in getting this awesome deal and with no surprise, thousands of people did login and register for it. But sadly as soon as the flash sale went live, the deadly “Sold out” text appeared in a matter of seconds. It was no surprise that the handsets were sold that quickly but the reality was something else.

Xiaomi was caught cheating on its £1 flash sale. The phones were never put in stock and the website was programmed to show “Sold Out” text as soon as the sale was to went live. There was no stock, to begin with. This was found out by the twitter user Phil Williams who posted the proof of this bold move by the Chinese company.

The company later issued the statement that the phones were to be sold in a lottery, something that was never mentioned before. Many people got furious about this shady move by Xiaomi.

Although there is no definite proof of Xiaomi doing this deliberately, the company did manage to make many of its customers furious and we don’t know if that would be good for the company’s future in the UK. What do you think?

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